Hi, I’m Giacomo and I am in love with photography since I was a child. My passion became to be productive at the age of 16, when I had as a gift my first digital camera.

Meeting Photoshop, I began to play with imagination and I had the opportunity to explore the world of surrealism. At the same time I decided to study anagogic photography; I started to use completely manual cameras, in order to refine my knowledge of the photographic technique and to enjoy the wonderful experience of film developing and printing.

The passion remained a hobby for many years, during which I studied to become a veterinary doctor. After my graduation, I started to work in the university as a food microbiologist, but my need to stay behind the lens turned to be leading and I started to work as a photographer for events, concerts and clothing companies during my free time. Getting to know the world of fashion and commercial photography, I fell in love with the artificial light and I began to study and use it.

At the end of 2013 time was come to become a professional photographer. I am now a versatile photographer, post producer and video maker for fashion, concerts, events, theatre and everything I can experience to improve my professional skills, together with the continuation of my personal artistic production.


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